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Action packed, adrenalin-filled spearfishing charters


All year round reef fish, Wahoo, Marlin + many more

“Fighting for the top spearfishing destination on the plant. One of the few spots where monsters and world records are a very real possibility.”


Wahoo, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Yellowtail & more

“So many world records taken here – the Marlin are so heavily populated that if you wanted to target them, you could pretty much guarantee one in 2-3 days.”


White & blue marlin, big eye & yellow fin tuna & more

“As close to Ascension as you can get & one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Best place to watch whales, 100% family friendly and unforgettable.”


Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo.

“A ‘land that time forgot’ of world record monster fish. Needs little description other than the ultimate spearfishing expedition.”


Marlin, sailfish, cobia, yellow fin tuna, wahoo & more

“An unrivalled level of natural beauty, immense biodiversity, never ending white sand beaches, completely family friendly and truly wild spearfishing!”


Dogtooth, GTs, groupers, Spanish Mackerel

People from the four corners of the earth are drawn to this legendary spot for the magnificent fish, the incredible natural beauty and cheap living costs.

Locations across the world.

Run by spearos. Contact us: hello@spearfishing-charters.com

Spearfishing Trips is an organisation based on the love of a sport, travel and adventure. The founder is me, Tony Eynon and in short I live to explore and hunt.

We founded the business because we wanted to share the amazing places we have discovered, the awesome people who helped us and the adventures that are possible. So many places we have explored are great but suffer from nightmare logistics, poor visibility or erratic conditions resulting in a very expensive waste of time. There were heaps of ‘people with boats’, some with vague recommendations, and others with none. Some worked out while others didn’t. However If this is your main holiday that you have worked all year for then you want the ultimate experience, not a half-hearted dive in murky water!

This organisation is based on a passion for spearfishing and finding the best locations on earth to do it – be it the remotest corners of earth harbouring the biggest fish in the ocean or the most naturally beautiful islands for the best all-round family friendly experience. [Read more]

Benefits of our Spearfishing Charters:

Heavily discounted gear:

  • MASSIVE DISCOUNTS off all spearfishing equipment to help you prepare for your holiday.
  • All skippers are local experts at getting you on the biggest fish safely.
  • Many charters come with a spearfishing guide who hunts with you and coaches where needed while focusing on your safety.
  • 30% off all spearfishing gear (approx)

Here at Spearfishing Ltd, we live, eat and dream spearfishing instead of living, eating and dreaming about money! That’s why if you come on one of our spearfishing holidays, we appreciate it so much that if you need any gear then we will give it to you for as cheap as we can. It just doesn’t feel right to have it any other way! It’s our way of say thank you while making sure everyone has the best time possible.

Discounts are normally around the 30% mark and all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible. This just helps us to make sure we have enough stock stored ready for the busy season for the rest of the guys. We have been told that this makes a massive difference and all the savings offset against the final price of the holiday balancing everything out nicely.

We only sell the best gear as supplied by Riffe and Rob Allen and what’s more, we only sell the gear that we have personally tried and tested on the monsters of the deep. We would never recommend anything that we haven’t personally used ourselves. Grab a free Speargun buyer’s guide here!

Extreme spearfishing with guides:

While some of our getaways are can be nice short breaks or family vacations, others are hands down the most extreme spearfishing expeditions on the planet. We can’t stress enough the difference between standard spearfishing and stepping up to the big stuff like 250lb yellow fin tuna and Marlin etc. We don’t say this to put you off – quite the opposite – we thrive on new adventures and pushing the boundaries – but you should be prepared and do everything you can to enhance your level of readiness!

No matter if you’re a complete beginner or a veteran, we find a lot of our customers really appreciate having one of the spearfishing guides in the water with them. If you are doing something for the first time or targeting a new big species, then having someone there to sanity check with can make a really big difference to the holiday. It’s sometimes just nice to be able to share some new techniques with someone who can also keep an eye out for that line wrap while you’re battling your monster fish of a lifetime, just until you adapt to the new environment and you settle into your flow.

We can help with whatever level of involvement you require, from simply being in the water hunting side by side to a full on intensive training format:

  • Hunting techniques for different species (this can vary massively).
  • Equipment training with blue water gear.
  • Freediving skills and breath hold techniques.
  • The biggest dangers and how to maximise your safety in the big blue.

Spearfishing for beginners:

While we can adapt all of our holidays to be suitable for beginners, some charters are more suited than others. Regardless of where we go, we will be on hand to show you everything you need to know to start this sport safely and effectively – starting with freediving training, hunting techniques, gear training and the dangers, all the way over to preparing your catch for the BBQ. Just let us know your requirements and ambitions and we’ll do everything possible to make it happen.

Targeting specific fish:

Do you have a specific species you are after? Are you targeting that one prize fish of a lifetime over a general spearfishing holiday? No problem, we understand and can enhance the chances of this happening.

Targeting one world record monsters species can vary massively with one species to the next. If you’re serious then you need to choose the best spot on the planet, at the perfect point in the season, using the gear that has been tried and tested – not whatever’s the most popular on Facebook.

Be it Marlin, sailfish, doggies or 250lb yellow fin, feel free to get in touch for a chat and we’ll give you our opinion on what’s possible and how we would go about achieving it 🙂

Contact: hello@spearfishing-charters.com