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Key facts

Price: £2,500 / $3870 / €3430 + flights (£970 from UK) & accommodation (approx £450 – £650).

Price includes:  8 days on boat, 2 days shore diving

Spearfishing awesomeness: 5 star

Fixed dates or open: Both, see below for group dates to join.

Season: Feb – April = Marlin. March – April = Sailfish, April – October = very high densities of giant yellow tuna. Yellow fin tuna, Dorado, wahoo available all year round.

Group size:  3-4 per boat

Boats: Several – see the pics in the gallery.

Guide and instructor available: Yes, at no extra cost

Targets: Pelagic: yellowfin tuna, marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dorado. Reef: Amberjacks, dogtooth snapper, etc.

Family friendly: Yes but… (read below)

Why go here?

If you are searching for the most extreme spearfishing experience on earth, then Ascension Island wins hands down. Every species of its diverse marine habitat offers the chance of a new world record – from marlin, sailfish and tuna, to snapper, amber jacks and wahoo.

These crystal clear waters hold some of the most beautiful and heart stopping secrets the world has ever seen. In-between spearfishing, not only will you be exploring underwater sunken wrecks and underwater arches but you’ll also be playing with turtles, dolphins and whale sharks!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a thrill seeking amateur or a seasoned pro looking to tag a fish of a lifetime – Ascension Island spearfishing will satisfy your wildest dreams and much much more! All trips are tailored to your exact ambitions, skill levels and pace. The skippers know the hottest spots with the biggest fish and will drop you on whatever you are chasing, be it a potential world record tuna or a swarm of crayfish for evening’s dinner. Should you want an experienced guide / instructor in the water with you at all times, then that can be arranged no problem, free of charge. Blue water spearfishing can be a daunting prospect first time round so why not let a seasoned instructor show you all the tips and tricks to accelerate your progression.

The island

This completely remote sea mount breaking the ocean along the south Atlantic ridge turns into the wildest spearfishing playground on Earth. Ascension Island is ‘the’ mecca of all spearfishing destinations, a testing ground for the world’s elite and a hot target for people wanting the ultimate experience planet earth has to offer.

The story of this legendary island starts about 15 years ago when rumours of this tiny Island in the middle Atlantic started to be passed around. Being a military run island it didn’t appear on any maps, making this hidden location a total secret to all but a handful of people. The term being ‘off the charts’ has never been more appropriately applied.

This epic adventure starts as you fly out from RAF Brize Norton on a military chartered aircraft dropping off troops at Ascension and the Falklands. The island itself is nothing more than a bunch of volcanoes sticking out of the ocean and genuinely looks like a scene from the land that time forgot. Being the only landmark in this endless ocean, it’s a magnet for marine wildlife. With a 200 mile commercial fishing exclusion zone surrounding the island this untouched underwater theme park has remained unspoiled and perfectly preserved as nature intended it to be. Completely untouched, this island redefines the true meaning of ‘big game fishing’.

Combining reef and blue water spearfishing to target the record specimens of this diverse marine habitat – this is extreme spearfishing at its heart stopping best. Grander marlins, 250lb+ tuna, wahoo and sailfish are just a handful of the amazing specimens ASI has to offer. It is home to a large percentage of current world records and many, many more unclaimed ones.


The accommodation is pretty basic but no one goes to Ascension for a 5 star hotel holiday experience. Standard accommodation on our group trips is self-catered at the beach house which has the best view on the island (approx £450), being only 30 seconds from the ocean via a private beach. Upgrade to the hotel is available at extra cost and this includes breakfast.

Family friendly

Definitely, although activities beyond the beautiful beaches are limited. There is a free public swimming pool and some great exploring to be had on top of Green Mountain. There is also turtle watching opportunities all year round where you can watch them lay their eggs on the beach.

Good to know

With it being a military run island, the flights and accommodation book up incredibly quickly so these trips need to be arranged well in advance otherwise they simply won’t happen. We have close connections with the staff on Ascension who deal with these elements so we can take care of everything for you as long as it’s done well in advance. HUGE DISCOUNTS on spearfishing equipment are given to people on these trips. If you go on a trip with us then we look after you on the prices of any gear you need as a thank you. Unless you request otherwise each Ascension island spearfishing trip will come with a spearfishing guide.

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