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In our FAQs for spearfishing charters in Baja, Mexico, we answer some of your most commonly asked questions on spearfishing in this stunning area. Whether you’re an experienced spearo or a beginner eager to experience all Baja has to offer, we aim to give you the essential information for a successful and enjoyable spearfishing experience. Here we cover questions ranging from licensing/permit requirements and Mexico spearfishing laws/regulations to our top gear recommendations for spearguns and wetsuits, and the best times of year to go.

Do I need a licence to spearfish in Baja, Mexico?

You need a fishing licence to spearfish from a boat but not from shore. Not having a licence can result in your equipment and boat being seized.

Is spearfishing legal in Baja Mexico?

Yes spearfishing is legal and a fast growing sport, due to the rich biodiversity found in the Sea of Cortez.

Are there any spearfishing bag limits in Baja Mexico?

Yes, typically it's 5 of the same fish species per person. Lobster are only permitted to be taken by Mexican residents and not tourists.

Are there lobster or crayfish in Baja Mexico?

Yes there are clawless crawfish here in the Sea of Cortez that can only be harvested by resident Mexicans, not tourists.

What speargun do I need for Baja, Sea of Cortez?

This depends on the type of fish being hunted and the conditions you are hunting in. If you are hunting larger pelagic fish in the open ocean then a 3 to 4 band, 130 to 140cm gun would be perfect. If you are hunting, say, yellowtail close to shore, then you could consider dropping down to a 120cm gun for the shorter range. If you are reef fishing then a double banded 90-110cm gun would work well depending on the visibility.

What thickness wetsuit do I need for spearfishing in Baja, Mexico?

This all depends on the season and location you will be spearfishing in. In the Sea of Cortez over winter we would recommend a 5mm, 2-piece spearfishing wetsuit or a 5/3mm split. In summer a full 3mm wetsuit would be the warmest you would want to go. You can also consider a thinner wetsuit or single piece steamer suits. Some people wear a 3mm jacket with boardshorts - however, jellyfish can show up in dense numbers so there is a risk of stingers. For this reason, we recommend full spearfishing wetsuits where possible.

What fish can I hope to spearfish in Baja, Mexico?

For blue water, prime targets are wahoo, dorado, amberjack, yellowfin tuna, striped marlin, blue marlin, black marlin. Spearfishing reef fish are golden trevally, pargo, grouper, torro, pompano, roosterfish and many more.

When is the best time / month / season to go spearfishing in Baja, Mexico?

The winter months are very windy which make spearfishing tricky as the conditions get blown out on a daily basis. The best time is summer from the middle of April to the middle of October. There is great spearfishing to be had on the neighbouring months but the wind starts to creep in, so conditions become more and more unstable the further away you get from this period.

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