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Hello Spearo!

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact us here at Spearfishing Charters.

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So here’s the situation. This company was born out of obsession for spearfishing and finding the very best locations on the planet, regardless of distance or cost. Some places have been surprisingly accessible while others are so remote, few have heard of them.

The original plan was to set up a charter business in any area we fell in love with. The dream was to give us constant access to these spots but in reality this took the fun out of it so I will simply share my contacts in each location with you so you can go direct and save money. I still arrange some groups and do the odd bit of guiding so if I can help with anything, drop me an email but for the most part, I’m just doing my own thing.
When you contact them, mention me from www.spearfishing-charters.com and they will look after you 🙂

We founded the business because we wanted to share the amazing places we have discovered, the awesome people who helped us and the adventures that are possible. So many places we have explored are great but suffer from nightmare logistics, poor visibility or erratic conditions resulting in a very expensive waste of time. There were heaps of ‘people with boats’, some with vague recommendations, and others with none. Some worked out while others didn’t. However If this is your main holiday that you have worked all year for then you want the ultimate experience, not a half-hearted dive in murky water!

The aim with ‘Spearfishing Charters’ (previously ‘Spearfishing Trips’) was to give everyone the chance to share in our knowledge and not have to go through the hardships we did when finding these places. Over the years we have found the best spots with the best skippers and that’s what we offer to you.

This business is not aimed at making itself money, it’s aimed at enriching lives through exploration and adventure and if we can be a part of that then it’s a dream come true to us.

This organisation is based on a passion for spearfishing and finding the best locations on earth to do it – be it the remotest corners of earth harbouring the biggest fish in the ocean or the most naturally beautiful islands for the best all-round family friendly experience. We feel we are different to most other business who seem to love money for the sake of loving money. We’re obsessed with the blue water not the green paper and proud to be different.

The team has hunted nearly every fish under the ocean surface in many different locations but there are still so many places we are dying to explore. We have landed 9 billfish including world record sailfish, the only Ascension Island caught marlin, countless tuna – several yellow fin tunas over 250lb, and hold about 6 world record between us with several others going unclaimed.

We offer spearfishing tuition of reef, blue water and species specific courses and while we still have so much more to learn ourselves, we love helping and coaching others whenever asked to do so.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or just want to talk spearfishing then please get in touch – we love meeting fellow spearos, exchanging stories and helping other people starting out on the aquatic path 🙂

Dive safe and eat what you kill,


Spearfishing Baja Mexico:

Website: www.losbarrilesspearfishing.com

Contact: hello@losbarrilesspearfishing.com

This is where I have just based myself and for good reason – the spearfishing in Baja is epic! It’s still uncharted, undiscovered by the masses and not overfished yet – plus it still has creature comforts, giving you the best of both worlds. Plus it is super rare to see any sharks if that concerns you.

Baja California is a peninsula, making it remote and island-like. While its remoteness can make things expensive as everything has to be shipped in, it keeps the masses away and the fish unpressured. It also means that with enough motivation we can find action, no matter where the wind is coming from.

Los Barriles, a beach town hidden away on the remote east cape is the ideal base to be situated and Wahoo season is off the chain compared to other places I have hunted them. If you want Wahoo action, this is the place to be!

Aside from the Wahoo, we often get monster Dorado and even had a 650lb blue Marlin come in on us in just 18m of water.

We catch Golden Trevally, African Pompano, Yellowtail and Wahoo on shore dives which is just insane.
So many world records have been taken in Baja, it’s wild – like the Yellowfin Tuna at 353lbs and the Broomtail Grouper at 123lbs!

The Marlin in Baja are so heavily populated that if you wanted to target them, you could pretty much guarantee one in 2-3 days. That’s the ultimate fish of a lifetime almost guaranteed.

Mike has dived the waters around Baja extensively and while he is based out of Los Barriles, he arranges charters all over the peninsula: Los Cabos, the islands around La Ventana (where the Blue Water World Cup is held), La Paz, Todos Santos on the Pacific side and last but not least Magdalena Bay.

My personal recommendation would be to start in Los Barriles and enjoy some comfort while Mike gets you on to the Wahoo, which he is famous for around these parts. While hunting those you have every chance for having 50lb Dorado come in, along with Snappers, big Amber Jacks, Pompano and Golden jacks. This is normally happening whilst giant shoals of Manta Rays jump 3m out of the water, and while surrounded by huge Milkfish which the Wahoo like to hide amongst.

If you want to target a specific reef species then they have other remote spots which are well off the beaten track – it’s more like camping, but ultimately very rewarding.

Mag Bay during peak season is not to be missed although it’s certainly more for the experienced divers with a heavy wallet. It’s so remote and there are no creature comforts here – just world record fish in world record numbers. The season is very short at under 3 months so plan to book well in advanced (at least 6 months) to avoid disappointment.

For those with limited experience but wanting to hunt giant groupers, please bear in mind that this is a very challenging task and not to be underestimated. Shooting the fish is normally the easiest part. What follows is often exhausting and dangerous as the grouper powers into a network of caves, creating a nightmare of tangled line and bent spears. Many dives are normally required to secure the fish often at depths of 20 to 30m – so fair warning lol! Even a 10kg grouper is powerful enough to send your float waterskiing through across the surface – however the reward is something you will never forget.

Anyway, contact Mike at Los Barriles Spearfishing for a Baja spearfishing charter and everything you need for hunting around Baja. I do all my diving through LBS and landed many great fish because of them. I will most likely guide some of their more remote trips so if you would like to join me just give me a shout or contact Mike directly.

The Azores:

For spearfishing charters in the Azores, you need to contact DBM Azores run by Pedro and Luis, and accept no substitute. These two guys are essentially scientist driven spearfishermen. They study water currents and changes in temperature to maximise your chances of finding your desire species. Based out of Pico Island, they run 2 sports cruisers. They are not the cheapest, but if you are serious about landing trophy fish then I would not go anywhere else. Pedro is former spearfishing champion so you are not getting a sports fishing captain who takes spearos – you’re getting a spearo who also does sport fishing – a real big difference.

If you simply want to do some reef spearing then while DBM can help you, there are cheaper options around and it would be a bit of a waste of their skill.

A key recommendation from me would be to hit the Princess Alice bank. A very remote spot about 4-6 hours ride away, it’s not for the faint hearted – however this really is a must go-to spot if you visit.

I would go here if I wanted to try and land a world record AJ (found at about 20 – 30m), some of the world’s biggest Blue Marlin and hopefully Yellow and Big Eye tuna but since El Nino, their migration routes have been hit and miss. Contact DBM Azores for more up to date information on this. There are other reef fish galore.
The best time is late April to late September. Go outside of this and you are more exposed to the weather which can dictate when you can dive. It’s best to have some spare days to account for bad weather.

I’ve spent many months on this island and know it intimately. It’s the ideal location to bring your family to enjoy some of the finest food on the planet and see some rich culture. The Azorean people are so kind and welcoming, it’s a must-visit location at least once in your life.

Never seen a shark there once.

Ascension Island:

Needs no introduction. Sadly, the runway broke in 2017 and is still being fixed although it’s whispered to be fixed in 2023.

If you would like to be notified when Ascension spearfishing charters are back up and running then reply to this email and I’ll keep you posted.

Being one of the most remote islands in the world, the prices will reflect this so brace yourself – everything will cost more than you hope (aside the rum and coke which is virtually free lol). You can also only get to the island via an RAF flight from the UK which will cost around £1K, so factor this in.

That said, it’s the only place on earth I know where you can consistently shoot 250lb tuna from the surface.
Out of nowhere sharks became a real problem around 2015 making fish near impossible to land. Since then they have come and gone but I would seriously recommend investigating this before booking. Again, it is believed El Nino played a big role in this change in biodiversity.

There is not too much to do on the island if you are not into chasing giant fish. It’s essentially a cluster of volcanoes with a couple of military bases set up. A trek up green mountain is a must (watch out for the veracious land crabs lol) and you will find friendly locals at the Saints club which is the best bar in town (out of the 2) run by the always smiling Samantha.

Aside from that, unless your family enjoy chilling on beach, you may want to consider leaving them behind for this one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an outstanding location and one that very few people ever set foot on, but aside from some stunning sandy beaches they may struggle for entertainment.

Obsidian hotel also has a nice bar which is quieter and more subdued. They also rent cars and there’s a gift store.

You can catch big fish all year round but generally speaking go in March for 100lb plus Sailfish, April for Blue Marlin, May – August for Giant Yellowfin, Wahoo and Dorado.

Did I mention it’s expensive? 🙂

Once it opens up again I’ll be visiting and doing some trips so if you would like to join me, drop an email and we can keep in touch: tonyeynon@spearfishing.co.uk


Utterly stunning and off most peoples’ radar. Hunting in Kenya is banned but spearfishing in Kenya sits in a grey area where it’s not legal but it’s also not illegal.

Contact Volker on:


Outside of spearfishing there is loads to do including safari, swimming with whale sharks, beach restaurants and an epic nightlife if that’s your thing. Generally the prices are very reasonable and the fishing can be incredible.

The best season here is Jan -May where the conditions can produce some stunning blue water. I intend to spend 4 months here every year so feel free to join me on a guided charter or contact Volker directly to arrange your own party.

If sharks bother you remember there is a chance to see some prime specimens here.


Beautiful but sadly overfished in my opinion and escaping the crowds to more remote islands is hard work. For that reason I’m no longer recommending anyone in that neck of the woods.


The key to this part of the world is escaping the crowds and getting off the beaten track. There are loads of options easily found on Google from the main tourist destination but these places are heavily fished. If you are looking for something special then the way we see it you have 2 options.

(1) Contact Indra on WhatsApp: +62 81246321281

He is based on a remote Island away from Bali which has avoided the heavy overfishing and is an Indonesia spearfishing paradise. Dogtooth, GTs, Groupers and Spanish Mackerel are all on the cards. While it may be expensive to get to his island, once you’re there, everything is very well priced. Accommodation is basic with no AC but also very cheap.

Make no mistake, this is remote island life – leave the creature comforts behind and get back to basics.

(2) Aquatic Apes style liveaboard:

Seen the videos? Dream of doing the same thing? Well you can join us on one of our trips doing exactly that. It will cost you roughly between $1800 – $2000USD for 5 days with all food and soft drinks provided. We also do longer trips but that gives you an idea. Prices roughly based on 4 – 6 people.

We all sleep in one dorm and the crew all sleep in another dorm – bring ear plugs. It’s a fishing boat with no creature comforts aside from glorious spearfishing, the freshest food you’ll ever eat and remote destinations where islanders stare and wonder what the hell we are doing all the way over there.

If you’re after the ultimate remote, island hopping Indo experience, then this is it. You can expect to see a multitude of trophy fish but ultimately, we are all there for the monster Doggies.

If you are interested contact me directly on tonyeynon@spearfishing.co.uk

Cape Verde:

I don’t know too much about this area to be fair, aside that it has big AJs at around 20m, some very large Dorado and it’s a great Blue Marlin spot at the right time of year.

It’s not overly off the beaten track and the island is a bustling holiday hot spot, full of nice places to eat and all the fun of a typical holiday.

My friends have been on several occasions and always go with Santa Maria Fishing Charters. They happily work with divers and get them on some great fish! They are very friendly and accommodating. Take the family for a holiday and squeeze in a few cheeky dives 🙂

Blue water can occasionally be a bit sharky with Tigers and Bulls but normally during the day they are deep down out of the way.


H3WR+RXG , Santa Maria 4111, Santa Maria, Cape Verde


Get in touch to find out more: hello@spearfishing-charters.com